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Acupuncture Testimonials

Fred C.                                                                                                                              I first consulted Toni King when my shoulder pain became unbearable and I refused to go the Cortisone route again.  When I first saw her, she took a reassuringly long and detailed medical history before treating me.  I began to feel some relief right away, but she cautioned me to be patient, that the treatments would be cumulative.  And that is how things have turned out. Along the way, though, Toni began to discover and teach me many things about my body and my life style.  I realized that over my lifetime I had fallen into bad habits of nutrition, posture, and behavior.  Toni has helped me with these, too.  There seems to be no limit to the amount of skill and knowledge that she brings to every treatment, every gesture. Toni is kind and engaging.  She is the first practitioner who I have allowed to touch me in ticklish areas, and her magical touch does not tickle at all.                                                                                                  Because I respect and trust her so much, she is also the first practitioner who I have allowed to help me manage the remaining features of the PTSD that I have suffered for forty-five years.                                                                                                       Knowing Toni has been a life-altering experience for me.

Arcadia Hartung                                                                                                               I began going to Toni for acupuncture because of a terrible migraine caused by a neck injury. After seeing doctor after doctor, week after week and nothing helping, Toni sat me down for one session and my migraine immediately began to disappear. I also used to get migraines every month, not associated with my neck injury, and after several sessions with her I could already feel my body getting healthier as she focused on everything that was causing my discomfort. I have continued seeing Toni when I get the chance to and have not had a migraine since. I swear, its magic. As well as her acupuncture sessions she has also helped me with choosing a healthier diet and has suggested a few herbal remedies that I have stuck to.

Laurie Edelman                                                                                                                 Toni is Amazing! She can zero in onyou issue right away and clear it up quickly! Toni treats the whole body not just your injury. She is very passionate about her work and it shows. Toni has a wealth of information she happily shares on how I can help myself in between our sessions. I am amazed at how much better I feel in just seversal sessions. I am so relieved; I can now go to zumba class and not experience any knee pain. On my next appointment with Toni, I know I will recieve a wonderful treatment and my body will thank me! Her Treatments settings are very spa-like and relaxing.

Sharon Psyhojos                                                                                                          Toni is a great acupuncturist.  She really knows what she is doing!  I had a few sessions with her and I didn't think that I would feel better as I tried doctors and chiropractors.  Toni made the pain go away!  She has helpful advise on what you need to do on a daily basis to make you healthly and strong.

Harriet Hansen
Toni has helped me enormously. The first time I met her she achieved what I still regard as a miracle. She has a professional and innate knowledge about what to do. She is a "Healer" of outstanding quality. If you are lucky enough to meet up with her you will have "Lucked out".

Kevin Suggs (Karate and Kickboxing Instructor)                                                         Treatment for scar tissue; Achilles Tendon tear.                                                                 I went to Spotted Tigers Accupuncture to get some relief for pain and scarring after TWO Achilles tendon tears on the same ankle. Toni used ACU for the scarring; gua sha and moxebustion to help restore the circulation and further aid in healing. As an active person, I need full flexibility and strength in my ankles. I can thank Spotted Tigers Accupuncture for helping to make that happen!

Edna Belanich
About five weeks ago I embarked on a new journey in my life. I've had three back operations and a fusion. I have lived with back pain, peripheral neuropathy and radiculopathy for many years. Because the medication was not effective.I decided to try Acupuncture. It was a very wise decision on my part. When I started Treatment with Toni King, I soon found that relief was in sight. I'm sleeping better and walking better, the pain is getting lighter and I keep looking forward to the treatments. I found that Toni was a very compassionate person who worked with me and answered my questions, making me feel very comfortable as a whole. Not only is she a professional, but a very personable person. After my last Treatment, less than a week ago, I woke up the following morning with no burning in my calves for the first time in twenty years, which to me was a miracle. It's working! ... My anxiety has been lower as I have begun to understand more and more of how to achieve my health goals thru Acupuncture and simple techniques that I can do at home to help myself. My future looks Brighter!

Evelyn Fuentes
Thank You for the wonderful work you've been doing towards my healing. You are devoted to your patients and are very skilled in your area of expertise. I came to the clinic with a pain level of 25 and in no time at all you swiftly guided me through to an 8. You are passionate in your work and quite psychic with your gentle touch. You have a special gift which I am fortunate to partake in, Thanks so much!


Acupuncture Treatments -

Acupuncture Treatments -

Toni M King MS LAc, NCCAOM Dipl. Ac