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Spotted Tiger Acupuncture and SunRaven:
Saturday March 17th 2012  Guest Speaker on "The Skillful Listening Room", aired on Business Talk Radio and simulcast on with Dr. Michael Findelstein of SunRaven.

Dr. Michael Finkelstein Of SunRaven hosts this lively and informative talk show weekly with local health practitioners guesting. A bit about Acupuncture and tips on how to stay healthy into the Spring Season. Below is an excerpt  from with some details about Dr. Finkelstein and the show- or you can go to and tool around the website- many of his past shows are archived there so you may listen at your liesure.

The Skillful Living Room, is a nationally syndicated healthy living discussion that features patient success stories, physical and mental health tips, nutrition, fitness and wellness advice, a call-in portion, and expert advice from Dr. Finkelstein. Commentary will also be provided by colleagues and friends whom he has met in his own personal journey.

This program offers new ways of looking at our health and, with that, an entirely different perspective on issues such as common medical conditions and their underlying causes, alternative therapies and their appropriate usage, and contemporary topics, such as healthcare policy and the conventional and often controversial recommendations coming from the medical establishment itself. This is not a program that is intended to point fingers; rather its purpose is to raise awareness of other possibilities and to generate an intelligent discussion around that.

Similarly, this is not a program that prescribes “take this or that” to treat illness. There is no quick fix. Instead, this program offers a more open-minded and practical approach to living that can result in greater health for each of us and, ultimately, a healthier society.

Having appeared on numerous media outlets prior to launching his own show, including The Today Show, Martha Stewart Radio, ABC Viewpoint,, The New York Times, Health Magazine, and more, Dr. Finkelstein is eager to impart his powerful voice onto his sea of listeners.

Dr. Finkelstein is a dedicated teacher and healer who believes that health and well-being must be considered with compassion, intention and commitment. Dr. Finkelstein’s concept of “Skillful Living” applies this holistic approach to overall well-being – the business of living must be developed, like a skill, with mindful, dedicated attention. Through intention, focus and purpose, viewing and addressing our life as a skill that demands practice is the key to a healthy, happy and authentic existence. Dr. Finkelstein views health and well-being as a wholly singular unit, employing a holistic approach to living that encompasses everything, from the food we eat to the relationships and careers we choose.

Greenwich Library Lecture Series on Seasonal Health and Wellness

Stamford Women's Health Expo

Stamford Health Expo

Tarrytown Street Fair

Sleepy Hollow Street Fair

Mona Vie guest speaker at Studio 38

Presenter at Marriot Health and Wellness event with Nancy Meyer and Meredith Hayman

Speaker for TSFL Events, Tarrytown Acupuncture Office


Past Events -

Toni M King MS LAc, NCCAOM Dipl. Ac